Ways to Light Up A Room

Ways to Light Up A Room

Bringing natural light into the house is not only useful for lighting the rooms but is also a matter of health. The light of the sun helps to improve the mental and physical state of people, prevents the most common respiratory pathologies and reduces stress contributing to a healthier and safer home environment for all its inhabitants. A well-lit room also during the day immediately becomes more welcoming and warmer, giving a pleasant feeling of well-being and positivity. So here are some things you can do to light up your home.

Clean the Windows

It seems like almost obvious advice, but how many times have we postponed cleaning the windows? Dirty glass accumulates dust and dirt that create a sort of barrier, which limits the passage of natural light. It is not necessary to clean the windows every day: in standard conditions it will be sufficient to provide for complete cleaning once a month.

Use Mirrors

If you are looking to increase natural light in your home, remember that mirrors – and reflective surfaces in general – are among your best allies. Place a mirror near the window or on the opposite side: not only will the natural light increase and it will seem to have two windows instead of one, but the rooms will also seem wider!

Remove Obstacles in Front of The Windows

This is an important factor especially for those with windows overlooking a garden or a green corner. Check that the trees or bushes in front of the windows do not shield the sunlight, not allowing natural passage. Above all, tall trees in front of south-facing windows should be avoided: in summer the sun will still be too high to mitigate its heat, in winter they will prevent the passage of light and heat, making the house colder.

Focus on The Colours of The Furniture and Curtains

It is easy to understand that a furnishing in dark and heavy shades is not the ideal solution for those who want a house illuminated by the sun. Not surprisingly, the furnishings also contribute to our perception of light, natural or artificial.

If you want a bright and spacious house, opt for light and neutral shades, that will light up the room and also make it feel soothing and comforting. If your curtains are dark and thick, this too will be a barrier. opt for lighter curtains or even plantation shutters from Jims so that you can easily let light in through them.

Organize the Spaces Near the Windows

To make the most of natural light, also check the arrangement of the furniture in the room. Is there tall furniture that obscures the passage of light? Is there too much furniture, furnishings or objects around the windows that obstruct the passage and the view? Even the plants, often placed on the shelf below the window, can be positioned so that they do not make it difficult for the light to enter, such as low shelves or glass tables, also useful as a reflective surface.



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