Common Signs Your Gas Heating System Needs Repair

Common Signs Your Gas Heating System Needs Repair

Your gas heating system will be a valuable asset once the winter chill sets in. But this is a mechanical system and therefore it is prone to wear and tear so there can be some malfunctions that can occur. Therefore, you have to recognise the signs that indicate your gas heating system needs repair so that unexpected breakdowns can be prevented.

You can look for companies that provide gas heating repairs and evaporative cooling Traralgon in your local area so that you can contact them anytime you identify common signs for repair. A gas leak can be a dangerous issue and you can detect the leak if you notice any unusual smells coming from the heating system. While natural gas is odourless, gas companies add a particular odorant so that gas leaks can be detected. You may detect a smell that resembles rotten eggs. You should never ignore this as a gas leak can lead to many health and safety risks. If you suspect there is a gas leak, you need to turn the system off immediately and ventilate the area by opening doors, windows and turning the exhaust fans on. You can then contact a professional technician to address the issue.

There may be unusual noises coming from the heating system.

While some noise can be generated during the operation, it can be unusual to have excessively loud sounds. If there is an issue with components such as the ignition system, blower monitor etc. you will hear sounds such as clanking, banging or squealing. The source of the sound can be diagnosed by a qualified HVAC technician. Sometimes, you will notice that there is inconsistent heating throughout the home or that there are areas in the house that are consistently cold even with the system running for a long time. This can be due to clogged air filters, issues with ductwork or malfunctioning thermostats. You need to carry out regular maintenance such as cleaning the ducts and replacing the filters to prevent this. Short cycling is another issue that can occur and this is when the gas heating system cycles on and off frequently. This can compromise your home comfort and increase energy consumption. This will lead to an additional strain on the system and the gas heating system components will be subjected to premature wear and tear. Some of the causes of short cycling are restricted airflow, thermostat issues etc.


If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, this can be because of the gas heating system. When the efficiency has reduced due to faulty components, insufficient insulation or dirty filters, your system will work harder to maintain the right temperature. And this can lead to a high consumption of energy. You need to carry out regular maintenance to optimise efficiency of the system. You need to consider the age of the systems as well. Many systems tend to have a limited lifespan and if you are nearing the end of its expected lifespan and there are frequent issues, you may need to invest in an energy efficient model as this can be a more cost effective option that frequently carrying out costly repairs.

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