Spa Business – Must Have Items and Equipments

Spa Business – Must Have Items and Equipments

Every equipment costs differently and is an investment made for your spa. To start assessing the cost of your equipments, you need to understand the common yet basic equipments every spa needs. While you may not need every item on the list during your initial business start-up, the more you grow the more reason you’ll find the need to expand your services, thus in turn increasing the need of equipments. While we have mentioned a couple of necessary equipments below, you can choose the ones you need the most for now vs. later. Here are some of the most needed and commonly used equipments in every spa.

Organization trolley/carts

A bunch of organization trolley and carts should be first on your list when it comes to spa equipment as they help your staff provide a smooth, safe and easy service to all your clients. The best part of this specific equipment is the fact that it costs less compared to the others. The number of carts you own can be gradually increased depending on the growth and expansion of your business.

Front desk equipments

Also considered as the front desk furniture, these include the reception desk, shelving of products and items you choose to sell at the spa, receptionist chairs as well as reception waiting chairs for the clients, water cooler, etc. To take the waiting area up a notch you could even add a coffee machine and magazine stand.

Spa Pool equipments

From Jacuzzis to spa pools to whirlpool tubs, they aren’t built easy and often require certain internal equipments and machinery in order to get the mortar running for it to serve its purpose. You can check out these spa pumps in order to help pull the water and push it back to the heater thus returning it to the spa, thus keeping it clean and clear at all times.

Manicure and pedicure items

In order to provide professional manicure and pedicure therapy to your clients you’re going to have to invest in the right items such as manicure table, filers, nail polishes with a variety of colours and types, nail art products, pedicure ottoman, technician chairs and stools, etc. While these items are small, you’re often going to need more than one or two of certain items in order to be able to take on a number of customers at once.

Sterilization unit

One of the core standards of every spa is the cleanliness and safety. When it comes to cleanliness, you need to own the right sterilizing items. These are a must make investment in every spa, be it a start-up or long running one. Some of these equipments include, towel warmers, laundry equipments, tool sanitizers, sterilizers, etc. This helps avoid bacteria transferring from one person to another, which can lead to serious health code problems.

A few other things you would require to purchase and invest in are cosmetic items, preferably dermatology approved, that allow you to conduct the services as well as normal spa furniture such as massage table, facial chair, salon chair, etc.

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