Why You Should Renovate Your Home Bathroom

Why You Should Renovate Your Home Bathroom

If you are wondering whether to renovate your bathroom or not, there are a few things to think about when making a decision. Renovation can take time, effort and money but you need to look at the positives of renovation as well. In the end, you will be left with a more functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

One of the common problems that will arise in improperly done bathrooms is leaking showers. Waterproofing is very important when it comes to a bathroom. Most of the time, there is poor workmanship done on the waterproofing. And if the leak is happening in an older shower, it can be hard to find the right tiles to match and you may also find other areas where leaking will happen. If waterproofing has not been done properly, then the tiles need to be removed and the whole bathroom should be waterproofed according to standards. You can find a bathroom contractor in Essendon to attend to your renovation needs. You need to look at their experience as well and workmanship as you don’t need a repeat of the same mistake in a few years.

You may think that a quick fix is better for you financially and time-wise but these rarely work as you are only making a temporary solution to what is definitely a permanent problem. There are companies that will promise quick fixes for leaking bathrooms by doing epoxy coatings, re-grouting and using sealers. But there is no guarantee that these methods will work. If the leaking happens again after some time, the expense that has gone towards the quick fix will be a waste and you will have to spend more to completely renovate the bathroom.

If you are using a cramped bathroom that barely has space for your essentials, this is something that affects your day to day life. A renovation will be able to look at opening up the space and providing more functionality to the bathroom. Make sure that you have the bathroom checked out by a structural engineer so that they can confirm there will be no effect on the structural integrity of the house when you knock down a wall or two. You should only proceed after this confirmation has been obtained. The roof renovation company will have their engineers as well but it is best to have a second opinion. Once you have been given the okay to remove walls and create more space, you can redesign the bathroom with an expert designer of the company to increase efficiency of the space.

In addition to opening up the bathroom, you can update old fittings and fixtures. This will completely transform the appearance of the bathroom. It will make it a more comfortable space to use and when you walk into the bathroom after you wake up in the morning, the transformation will bring a smile to your face. You can add character to the bathroom and play with colour and textures to give it a whole new dimension and concept. A designer will be able to provide you with several options for the interior.

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