What Are Nicotine Pouches Made of And What Are They All About?

What Are Nicotine Pouches Made of And What Are They All About?

Nicotine Pouches are sometimes not the easiest to identify simply because they have many similarities with snus pouches. They are in fact similar to tea bags and are usually white in colour which is one clear difference they have in comparison to snus pouches as snus pouches are usually grey in colour due to the fact that they contain tobacco. There are of course nicotine free pouches available in the market which looks very similar but there are always a few key ingredients to look out for when it comes to Nicotine pouches. Let’s take a look at what Nicotine pouches are actually made of.

What exactly are they made out of?

Besides the obvious of containing Nicotine there are a few other core ingredients that Nicotine pouches contain and they are flavours. Flavours would vary according to the consumer’s tastes but Nicotine pouches now come in flavours such as mint, coffee and even cherry. These flavoured Nicotine pouches have become ever popular amongst the youth and is a major reason as to why there is so much traction for this product in this particular market segment. Other ingredients consist of water, salt and various types of fillers.

The strength of Nicotine in a pouch will determine how long you keep a pouch in your mouth which is usually an average of 15 to 20 minutes. The kick that you would get from a nicotine pouch lasts for about an hour on average. The elements that make up a nicotine pouch are non-combustible and by keeping the pouch under your lip you actually end up absorbing it in your bloodstream and this is what replicates the experience or sensation of you having a cigarette.

So, if anyone was to ask you what is in a nicotine pouch – now you know.  These pouches do not have to be refrigerated either so all you have to do is slip one when you are on the move and use them as per your requirement. They are a convenient product in many ways and also cause much less harm to the environment in comparison to cigarette buds and ashes that are a by-product of smoking cigarettes.

Can this help you quit?

Well, if used correctly it could. It is obviously advisable to consult with your doctor first before using Nicotine pouches to help yourself quit. Nicotine pouches still have a considerable amount of Nicotine in them and an over dependency might just lead to a relapse into you moving back to cigarettes. Even Nicotine pouches have their side effects so ensure you use it the right way on the basis of professional advice.

Nicotine replacement treatment comes in different forms such as Nasal sprays and inhalers etc.  All these forms of treatment can help you reduce the effects of Nicotine withdrawal which could reduce your ability to sleep well, cause mood swings and make you feel really uncomfortable. Nicotine pouches could be a viable solution however to chain smokers who are looking to quit.

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