An All You Need to Know Guide on Granny Flats

An All You Need to Know Guide on Granny Flats

Granny flats are smaller version of a normal and full-sized house. They are usually made to accommodate two to three people and are often used to for various purposes and have great upsides to it. However, the most common reason and purpose for a granny flat is to have allowed space and privacy for the elderly in the family to live.

Unlike a normal sized house, granny flats have only minimum space with necessities such as the kitchen and washroom. This is also known as an accessory unit in the industry of building. So, if you’re planning on building a granny flat as an accessory to your home, keep reading to find out all you need to know about them.

Types of granny flats

There are three types of granny flats that you could opt for depending on the purpose and need that you’re looking for.

Attached Unit – while this typically means that the unit would be derived from an already existing spare room of your house, the granny flat would however have a separate entrance way from the outside.

Detached Unit – this option is best used when you’ve got plenty of empty looking backyard space. A detached unit is entirely separated from your normal house and stands on its own.

Garage Conversion – if your garage is going unused when it comes to storage and parking purposes, you can put that extra space to good use by converting it into a granny flat.

Advantages to you and your family

Building a granny flat can come with variety of great benefits. Have you ever asked yourself, why are granny flat developments popular in Sydney? This is due to the fact that, building granny flats are a more convenient and cost-effective method compared to buying or renting an entirely separate property. Granny flats increase the value of your home immensely allowing easy resale. They are also in demand for rental purposes, making it a great source of income and allowing you to pay off debts, loans or even mortgages.

If not for anything else, the privacy a granny flat provides also makes for a good guest house for both visiting family and friends or home office for the self-employed. They also make for great entertainment spaces.

Making it a rental property

If you’re planning or looking out to rent your granny flat to tenants, there are certain aspects you need to consider. Ensuring that your property is located in a neighbour friendly state or community with proper essential services around, makes it a more desirable area to live in. Maintaining appropriate privacy and safety protocols are crucial.

This also means that you need to ensure it’s a detached unit with entirely separate entrance and with their personal pathway or access to the street. Keep your granny flat comfortable to reside in with good stable structure and necessary facilities as well as the freedom for the tenants to live in as they please.

Always reach out to experts when in need of building a granny flat.

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