How Important Is It to Encourage Safety Habits at Home?

How Important Is It to Encourage Safety Habits at Home?

Safety comes first. Whether you are at home, office or factory floor it is well known that safety has to be given priority. However, what we see commonly is unlike in a factory floor or an office where there are legal requirements as well to guarantee the safety measures are adequately installed and executed, at our own homes we lack the same. It’s not difficult for a member of the family to go around the house once in a while and guarantee that everything is all right, no one is going to get into the house uninvited. But have you thought of what sort of threats to safety exist nowadays?

It’s Not Just Burglars!

When it comes to safety, we install a security system and a burglar alarm, and then forget about it. It is not only just burglars or thieves that are posing a potential security threat. It could be from wild animals; it could be from an unexpected fire; or environmental or weather issues such as floods, storms or very heavy snow.

Are you sure that you have prepared for all of these? When a house is constructed, we include whatever is required such as doors and window locks, thick walls and electronic systems to warn us of intruders. But we must remember those unexpected natural disasters as well.

Build A Safety Mindset

Usually parents and elders in home take responsibility upon themselves to ensure home safety. However, the kids must be also acknowledged and encouraged to be a part of that. For example, they should know where the first aid kit is. It is of course the parents’ responsibility to have it complete at all times with pain relievers, gauze, plasters, antibacterial wipes and so on.

But the kids also have to know how to use them. If any of your children have any unfortunate health situations and need special equipment, for example an inhaler, he or she as well as the others should know where to get one. They must be aware of what to do in a case of an emergency if the situation gets worse. Contact numbers for nearby hospitals, police and doctors should be written down at a place where anyone can see.

Remember Food Safety

Among the bigger threats of weather hazards and burglars, we hardly think of things like food safety. It is understandable that we do not always consider what we are eating and whether it can be a safety threat to another member of the family. Unless somebody with a very pronounced allergy situation is there, such as an allergy to nuts we tend to ignore these. However foodborne illnesses can be quite serious.

To protect your family from possible risks of unsafe food, make sure the kitchen is always very clean and maintained properly. Always check expiry dates and avoid food materials contaminating each other, by keeping them separate in the refrigerator. When frozen food is thawed, make sure it is properly done and very well cooked. It is best to use a thermometer to check safe temperatures.

Safety must be a practice among your family members, and not thought of as a hindrance to fun or addiction of just the mother. Practice it all the time.

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