Different Uses of Anchor Bolts

Different Uses of Anchor Bolts

An anchor bolt is a fastener that attaches objects onto a concrete surface. Its structure allows it to distribute weight evenly so that it doesn’t slip, break or fall. It is a strong fastener and can hold objects that are really heavy such as steel poles. It is easy to find and install anchor bolts once you know how it’s done. Basically, there are different types of anchor bolts for a variety of uses. Here are the commonly used anchor bolts and when to use them.

Transferring Load

One of the most common uses of anchor bolts is to transfer load across surfaces evenly. In houses or buildings, there is a heavy load against structural wall which could lead to a collapse if not dealt with properly. Placing an anchor bolt over structural walls helps distribute the weight into the concrete foundation instead of placing pressure on the building frame.

Connecting Wood to Foundation

When constructing buildings, it is important to build it on top of a concrete foundation to be sure that it is sturdy. However, when using wood in the building, you need to add an extra touch of stability to it. The wooden structure should be attached to the concrete foundation with an anchor bolt to be sure that it could withstand the movements in the ground underneath the building. There are certain types of anchor bolts that are specially made for this purpose. If you’re looking for quality bolts for a variety of purposes, dynabolts are a popular choice.

Gym Equipment

Most people are into working out these days. If you have a home gym or still planning to build one, anchor bolts are essential tools for you. Heavy gym equipment can easily fall or tip over especially when there are heavy weights put on them. To be sure that your gym equipment is stable, attach them directly to the concrete floor using an anchor bolt. With this, you can be assured of you and your family’s safety when using this equipment.

Entertainment Area

Most people have their own personal entertainment area at home filled with plenty of electronic appliances such as TV sets, sound system, gaming set and many more. Putting these electronics on one furniture increases its risk of toppling over. You can secure your shelves and appliances by putting an anchor bolt behind your entertainment centre and attaching it to the wall. That way, you could be sure that your appliances won’t fall off as you move around. Don’t forget to install several bolts to distribute the weight evenly across the surface.

Securing Items

If you’re short in space at home, you can store items on the wall instead with the use of anchor bolts. There are styles that have a hook on its end allowing you to tether an item securely no matter how big or small it is.

Anchor bolts are definitely a useful tool for a variety of uses. As long as you’re planning to attach anything to concrete, an anchor bolt is what you really need.

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