Buying A Dining Room Table On A Budget

Buying A Dining Room Table On A Budget

You have just bought a new home and you are excited to buy new furniture. But when you check your bank account, you do not have much left. Do not be disheartened. You could still make it your dream home even if you would be shopping on a budget.

One of the major furniture that you have to buy is a dining table. It is also one of the costliest. There are some ways you could do to buy a dining table that would fit your budget and make your money worth it.

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Buy A Multipurpose Dining Table

When you buy a dining table, you could buy something that serves a dual or double purpose. There are dining tables that have drawers that could also serve as storage for your silverware and plates. It would be easier for you to set the table when you have guests for a meal. There are dining room tables that could also be converted to a pool table which you could use to entertain your visitors after the meal.

Do It Yourself

You might think that you are not handy with tools and that you could not do something as complicated as a dining room table by yourself. But you could still try and make your own dining room table by buying pre made parts. Buy a polished wood that could be the tabletop. Hardware stores also sell table legs that you could just attach to the wood. You could be as creative as you want and you would end up with a unique dining table without having to break the bank.


Some are scared with the word “customized” because they think it automatically translates to expensive. But this is not the case all the time. There are woodshops and other metalwork shops that could customize a table for you that is suited to your budget. Just give them an amount that you could spare for a dining room table and they would design and make it for you. They would use materials that are not that expensive but still of the highest quality. Having a customized dining table surely makes a big difference to your home.

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Do Not Buy A Set

When you buy a dining room table it usually comes as a set with chairs. There are times when it is cheaper but most of the time, they are more expensive. Ask if it would be cheaper if you could only buy the table. Then scour the store for cheaper chairs that could still complement the table that you bought. Or you could even buy mismatched chairs to make your dining room set more one of a kind. Buy a dining table that is easy to be paired with so you would not have a hard time looking for chairs that would complete your dining room set.

Shopping for a dining room set is not something you should be stressed about. Although, you still need to give it some serious thought since this is a furniture that you and your whole family would be using on a daily basis.

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