How a Step-By-Step Construction Inspection Is Done

How a Step-By-Step Construction Inspection Is Done

Constructing a building or a house ha different phases. Each step should be done accordingly to be sure that the construction goes well. A building inspection is still done even during the construction process to lessen problems in the foundation later on and to achieve the best outcome. Stage inspections are done to give peace of mind that the building is done according to plan with the best quality of work possible. Here is the step-by-step procedure on each stage of construction inspection.

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Slab Inspection

The slab serves as the foundation of any building. Therefore, it should be built properly to be sure that the building will be sturdy and durable after the construction. An inspector will check if the concrete is poured to meet the dimensions in the building plan. Aside from that, the inspector will also check the essential parts of the slab, such as drainage locations, and see if they are placed in the right places. After that, the overall quality of workmanship and finish will also be evaluated if they meet the Australian Standards. It is essential to hire professional stage inspection services to get the best quality of inspection for your building.

Wall and Roof Framing Inspection

These parts serve as the frame of the home. Thus, these should be built well to be assured of durability and sturdiness of your building. The framing is built over the slab with the roof trusses connected on it. An inspector job is to check whether this part is built properly and is sturdy enough to make the building liveable and safe. Aside from that, the building should also meet the standards of the National Construction Code.

Lockup Stage Inspection

After building the slab and the timber framing of the house, the construction willprecede the regular way – walls, flooring, ceilings, and utilities such as plumbing and electrical system. After all of these parts are built, the inspector will check the overall quality of the building in both internal and external parts. A thorough check must be done during this stage because it is the last step before finishing off the building. The inspector will see to it that it passes the building standards with everything on its right place. After the inspection, the wall and ceiling linings will then be installed.

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Pre-Handover Stage Inspection

During this stage, the building is generally complete and is done before it is handed over to the owner. Pre-handover stage inspection is more detailed and consists of a thorough check of all the parts such as the walls, floors, ceilings, windows, roof, gutter, pavements and all other external features of a building. It also consists of a thorough quality check on the interior features such as fixtures, fittings, plastering and many more.

Hiring a stage inspection service is essential when constructing a building or home. This can give you the assurance that everything goes according to plan and that the finished building is durable and done under the best quality of workmanship.

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