How to Get More Natural Light into Your Workplace

How to Get More Natural Light into Your Workplace

Want brighter rooms for increased productivity at work? Then there’s hardly anything better than natural sunlight. Brighten up dingy offices by allowing in plenty of sunlight. It has a highly positive effect on people, and besides, relying more on natural light would definitely reduce those electricity bills. Here are several ideas for improving the amount of sunlight that comes into your offices:

Replace Thick Drapes with Lighter Material

Workplaces, especially corporate ones, tend to have thick curtains to ensure privacy and add old-world elegance. Heavy velvet or linen drapes are suitable for winter, but they are not suited for keeping workstations bright and well-lit. Therefore, seriously consider replacing thick curtains with lightweight material. Blinds are great, as these can let in sunlight as well as completely obstruct a room from outside view.

Keep Those Windows Clean

Have big windows but still wondering why the workplace barely gets any light? Then look to the window glass. Have they been cleaned since installation? It’s definitely worthwhile to invest in reliable and local services for office window cleaning in Melbourne or elsewhere. A professional service can remove severe stains from old glass and actually get to windows situated high up in corporate buildings. The pros can regularly schedule servicing so things get done without employees having to worry about miscellaneous tasks like this.

Remove Light Obstructing Obstacles

Is there are big cupboard or a file cabinet in the way of incoming sunlight? Make sure the glass is free of any obstacles, be it dirt or furniture. Clear the way for sunlight to pour in and illuminate. Design the workplace floor plan in a manner that allows for optimal sunlight without the furniture getting in the way.

Make Windows Larger

Smaller windows would naturally result in less light coming in during daytime. It can be worth the investment to install bigger windows with clearer glass panes. If your workplace relies too much on artificial light during daytime, this could count as a cost-saving measure that could also boost productivity.

Use a Lighter Wall Paint Colour

Even if there’s plenty of sunlight coming in, darker wall paint colours could still make the space look dull and dreary. Dark paint colours reflect less light, unlike lighter shades. For optimal light reflection, repaint everything in white. As the colour gets darker, the ability to reflect light would diminish. Light shades close to white are the best for bright rooms. Some paint brands offer shades with high light-reflection capabilities that workplace designers can definitely consider.

Install a Skylight

If you can afford it and if there’s space, installing a skylight is a great way to make any interior space markedly brighter.  Plus, it will be a cool addition that employees can marvel at. Some workplaces may have be practical consideration. Overall, though, if you can spare the resources, a sky light could be a valuable addition to any workplace.

Fewer obstacles, more cleanliness, and some clever design tips would make your workplace remarkably brighter. In addition to motivating employees, this design aesthetic will save money and impresses visiting clients and partners.

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