How to Transport the Bigger Picture Frames?

How to Transport the Bigger Picture Frames?

How to Transport the Bigger Picture Frames

The picture framers often receive tons of orders from their customers where they are supposed to design the frames according to the customer’s preferences. And sometimes, the customers request them to design a large size picture frame to hang on their wall. Designing a picture frame isn’t a big problem for the framers as they can use a number of tools to complete the project according to customer’s needs.


The problem appears when the picture framers are supposed to take the large frame to the customer’s home. Sometimes, the framers ask the customers to transport the frame on their own. But that’s definitely not a good way of dealing with the customers. If you want to build a long relationship with the customer, you’d have to transport the frame on your own.


If you have never worked on a major project before, we are here to help you. We’ve grabbed some important tips to make it easier for you to transport the picture frame from the warehouse to the customer’s home. We have derived these tips with the help of Picture Framing Melbourne experts as they have been in this business for a long time. So, let’s take a look at the tips you can use to transport bigger picture frames.


Use a trailer

How to Transport the Bigger Picture Frames

The mistake that many framers make is that they try to fit the frame in their regular vehicles. This is where the damage occurs because the frames are usually bigger than the vehicle. And they often get damaged when you’re moving on the bumps. Therefore, it’s really important to use a trailer so that the trailer may stay safe from minor and major damages. Make sure that you carefully attach the frame to the trailer so it may not move while you’re traveling.


And don’t forget to apply cotton on the corners of the frame to protect it from scratches that may appear once the frame makes contact with the hard materials.


Use a Van Service


The van service providers like E van can also help you if you are willing to deliver a bigger picture frame to your customer. These service providers use suitable vehicles to transport the equipment of all sizes. So, you can put your trust in them. And they will charge you only a few bucks for providing their services. It’s definitely worth it if you don’t have the trailer to transport the frame to your customer.

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