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unit move


The advantage you will receive with the e-van unit move service is the fact that we do not care what level you are moving from or moving to. Of coarse you will also receive the point to point tariff as does every other move. The only requirement we ask is if you have needed a piece of furniture to be carried over the balcony due to the fact it did not fit the conventional way or if you are aware of tight stairwell issues. This disclosure is very important to us as we can plan according to your situation and move you fast, safe and without a hitch providing you have informed us of the situation.

Our professional removalist team will take all the stress out of your move, allowing you to delegate your family and continue to complete any tasks you need to do before you exit your currant premises or even prepare to move into your new premises.

Please check out our e-van tips for your move. These tips allow you to have total control of your move and will save you lots of time and headaches doing things correctly. Moving people for the past 10 years has given us the experience and know how to prevent the unexpected, this knowledge we would like to pass onto our customers to ensure that all parties involved have a stress free moving experience. Please browse over our tips at least and let us do the rest.

For a unit move you will require two professional removalists and a truck. If you have lots of stairs or require a balcony lift then you may require 3 professional removalists and a truck. If your unit block has underground parking and a truck cannot fit under the given height there are solutions for you. Our e-ute can be used to transport your goods to the truck which may save you alot of time and cost.

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