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mini move


This is the e-van service that we consider as the most modern way to move. In the past singles, students or even young couples would take it upon themselves to hire out a vehicle for the day, pay the insurance and refuel the vehicle. Ask friends for help and then finally realise that they do not have any padding or protection let alone the professional packing skills required to pack a vehicle safely tying up the furniture with professional straps and packing the furniture with padded blankets etc. Not any more !!

With our e-van point to point tariff it would be crazy to move any other way. You will receive two professional removalists and a truck fully equipped with blankets, ties, trolleys and tools.

If you compare the costs in hiring a vehicle paying all the extras and the risk involved with parking and reversing a vehicle you have never driven before, lifting and loading, packing and securing, unloading your furniture safely, then picking the vehicle up and dropping it back off after the move, it seems a lot of time wasted, effort and risk to take in comparison to a professional mini move removal service which may in hind sight cost the same.

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