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Moving your home on a budget? Then e-van house move service is just what the doctor ordered.

Belonging to one of the top ten most stressful things to do is move your home. That's what the Doctors will tell you. Then to do it on a tight budget !! Now you are ready for a prescription!! Let e-van prescribe a stress free, economical method in moving your home. 

Please check out our e-van tips for your move. These tips allow you to have total control of your move and will save you lots of time and headaches doing things correctly. Moving people for the past 10 years has given us the experience and know how to prevent the unexpected, this knowledge we would like to pass onto our customers to ensure that all parties involved have a stress free moving experience. Please browse over our tips at least and let us do the rest.

Our e-van consultant will come to your home and assess what is required. He will give you guidelines to follow to ensure a stress free day. If needed he will calculate how many boxes are required and bring them along too. The e-van consultant will explain how the vehicles will be packed allowing you to realise in which order your furniture will be moved so if you do wish to help with the placing of items this will speed up your move. The e-van consultant will supply you with your e-van guideline manuscript giving you a step by step overview. Also our guideline will remind you of the little tasks that you can do to ensure that your move gets finished with plenty of time to relax at the end of your moving day and enjoy a nice glass of wine in your new home......just what the doctor ordered!!

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