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Over the years we have come to realise how difficult it can be for a grieving family to wrap up and finalise all the tasks required for the removal of a life times worth of items within a diseased estate situation.

Sometimes the beneficiaries are scattered all over Australia or even overseas limiting the time for the removal and disposal of all the items within the premises. Selling the items for a fair price involves a lot of time and effort for the parties involved.

Due to the network of professionals within the recycling industry e-van has put together a one stop solution. This service can be carried out and distrubuted all within the same day.

Resale of valuables at auction
Resale of second hand furniture to the local community
Distribution of items to local charity organisations
Disposal of unwanted items
Storage of items to be sold and/or transported interstate

This service allows you to immediately put the premises on the market as soon as possible giving you more time with the sale of your deceased estate.

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If you have quality furniture that would have a reasonable value and is far to good to give away, we can take your furniture to the Furniture Auction Warehouse where your furniture will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on that day.

e-van also offers a short term storage solution if you wish to store and sell your furniture yourself using an auction house. For your convenience we have provided a link to Lawsons auction website below.


If you have furniture of average to good quality then your local charity organisation maybe the solution for you.

Your local charity will pick up your items free of charge, providing you're available for their next available window of opportunity.

For your convenience we have provided a link to one such charity organisation.


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