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e-van's handy tips and tricks for moving

Have a big move coming up? Here's some handy, money saving tips and tricks to help make your big move run smoothly and hassle free...


Sturdy removal boxes are essential for any move. You can purchase second hand boxes reducing the cost of your move or you can rent them from your local Storage facility. The more you pack in boxes the quicker your move will be. Loose items need to be carried out individually to the vehicle, then wrapped up with a protective blanket and finally secured with a removal strap. A box which can hold many loose items will be placed into the vehicle quickly and safely without needing to wrap or tie up. Write with a marker pen on the side of the box in which room you would like to have the box placed at your final destination. Also mark heavy or fragile onto the box to prevent any damage while stacking the boxes.


Park your vehicle the night before your move into the car space closest to your front or back door, which will reduce the distance for the removalists to carry your belongings to the vehicle. This simple exercise can save you 10%-20% of loading time. Repeat this at the destination end with your partners vehicle and save another 10%-20% unloading time.


Defrost your empty fridge the day before your move to prevent water damage to carpets etc. Unscrew your washing machine water leads and remember to turn off the taps prior (adjustable spanner). Dishwashers may need to be plumbed out by a licensed plumber ! Tumble dryers may be drill fitted to the wall (power drill)


Beds may need to be disassembled with a set of (Allan keys). Bed bases may need the casters unscrewed as new beds were assembled within the bedroom. Mattresses can be protected with plastic covers purchased at your local storage facility.


Wardrobes and cabinets made of chipboard or MDF may need to be disassembled. All Ikea furniture was not designed to be moved assembled!


Laundry bags are a lot more durable & protective than plastic bin liner bags. For the top dresser there are hanging boxes available at your local storage facility. This allows you to keep your clothes on your hangers easy to unpack into your new wardrobe.


Remove all picture frames & mirrors from the walls prior to your removal day allowing easy access for your removalists.

Stone & Glass:

Glass table tops or marble tables are breakable items which need to be bubble wrapped or double wrapped with removal blankets. Point out to your removalist at the beginning of your move any breakable items allowing him to pack with caution.


Removalists carry a set of basic tools in their vehicles. Some disassembling of furniture may require a special tool for the assembly or disassembly, check this prior to your move. You can save another 10%-20% of time/cost by disassembling & assembling your furniture yourself.


Some items are to bulky to access your new dwelling make sure you have measured your bulky items and know in which room they will fit. Also check your doorways’s and lift measurements as moving furniture over balconies requires more time/cost.


Do not water your plants just before your move, let the soil dry. Plants are delicate items to move. They can take up a lot of space, they can be heavy & require extra straps & caution for securing. Some removal companies refuse to move plants with the same vehicle as the furniture due to the soil spillage which may occur in transport.

Gas cylinders:

Offer to take your BBQ gas cylinder in your own vehicle because there are some rules and regulations regarding transportation of flammable products.


Notify your council that you are moving and arrange for any unwanted items to be collected. The removalists will carry these unwanted items to the pick up point allocated by your council.

Customer Duty:

There is no need to delegate your removal if you have disclosed every thing. If you have concerns regarding the removal of a delicate item, note the item and ask the removalist company prior to your move, how they will proceed with the moving of this item. Remember to refrain from talking to the removalists whilst they are carrying an item, especially if it requires concentration due to weight, being fragile or access issues. They are working together as a team and are constantly communicating with each other to ensure that your goods are removed safely. If you wish to protect your carpets or floors on a wet day, lay down towels as the removalists must keep there shoes on at all times.

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